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Officer Tim Mintkenbaugh
School Resource Officer

School Safe Hotline
(513) 682-4115 ext.10462
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*All contacts are strictly confidential and linked directly to law enforcement.

The School Resource Officer program consists of assigning carefully selected and trained police officers to work directly with the Lakota Public School District in cooperation with school administrators and faculty. The program is designed to establish a more complete liaison with school personnel in a cooperative effort to prevent juvenile delinquency. School Resource Officers are uniform officers who work within the schools to enforce Ohio's laws regarding unruly or delinquent juveniles. They investigate juvenile crime as it may occur and attempt to identify and eliminate juvenile delinquency causative factors through a number of set program objectives.

Some of the program objectives are:
* To help build a positive image toward orderly behavior
* To help students learn more about the law
* To familiarize students with law enforcement personnel and their objectives and role in society
* To reinforce a sense of school pride
* To encourage students to stay in school
* To provide safety education
* To protect students, staff, and school property