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Adams, Diann Social Studies 10212 [email protected]
Anslinger, Jeanne Media Center 10427 [email protected]
Avery, Ian English 10301 [email protected]
Band room Music 10156  
Black, Stephen Social Studies 10124 [email protected]
Blamer, Marcie English   [email protected]
Botzner, Elizabeth* Mathematics 10224 [email protected]
Brandenburg, Chris Music 10055 [email protected]
Brewer, Thomas English 10329vm [email protected]
Brockman, Terri Guidance 10435 [email protected]
Burgdorf, Debbie Vocational 10422 [email protected]
Burkhardt, Carol Attendance Office 10707 [email protected]
Butler, Patty   10032 [email protected] 
Buttrill, Marty   10313 [email protected]
Byrne, Tom Guidance (Cr-He) 10417 [email protected]
Byrum, Ann Special Education 10200 [email protected]
Cagle, Pate Athletic Trainer 10436 [email protected]
Cardinale, Beth   10356 [email protected]
Choir Room Music 10153  
Clemmons, Chris Special Education 10155 [email protected]
Collins, Jeremy Foriegn Language 10346 [email protected] 
Corum, Jon Science 10245 [email protected]
Cox, Larry Physical Education 10150 [email protected]
Craft Show Line   10321  
Cronk, Jason Science 10450 [email protected]
Cummins, Linda (Sec) Media Center 10433 [email protected]
Day, Michelle English 10345 [email protected]
DeRossett, Shari Mathematics 10127 [email protected]
Den Herder, Janet R.N. Clinic 10421 [email protected]
Ditmer, Laura Science 10333 [email protected]
Dolloff, Paula English 10111 [email protected]
Dowling, Dennis Social Studies 10118 [email protected]
Draper, Ralph Technology Ed.
10258 [email protected]
Dreisbach, Bill Physical Education 10432 [email protected]
Drew, Miriam English 10310 [email protected]
Drumm, Christopher Mathematics 10137 [email protected] 
Dunn, Bethany English 10310vm [email protected]
Easley, Dauna Technology Ed. 10261 [email protected]
Eger, Linda Foreign Language 10218 [email protected]
Emig, Bob Mathematics 10238 [email protected]
Engle, Vaughn Mathematics 10348 [email protected]
Fetzer, Scott* Technology Ed. 10255 [email protected]
Fishman, Andy Special Education 10231 [email protected]
Gale, Krissi Special Education 10349vm [email protected]
Gaston, Gail Guidance Sec. 10459 [email protected]
Gauer, Stephanie Art 10253 [email protected]
Gerstner, Deborah Science 103436vm [email protected]
Gleim, Adam Social Studies 10347vm [email protected]
Gohmann, Kelly* Foreign Language 10110 [email protected]
Googins, Jody English 10351vm [email protected]
Greene, Roger Vocational 10419 [email protected]
Green, Tina Mathematics 10309 [email protected]
Hall, Tammy* Health 10120 [email protected]
Hall, Tim Science 10121 [email protected]
Hamann, Diane Administrtive 10000 [email protected]
Hamilton, Richard Principal 10403 [email protected]
Harris, Sheryl English 10130 [email protected]
Hattersley, Mark Technology Ed.   [email protected]
Hauck, Lindsay English 10301vm [email protected]
Honigford, Larry Science 10341vm [email protected]
Horncastle, Megan* English 10226 [email protected]
Hubbard, Rusty Business 10229 [email protected]
Huber, Anne   10344vm [email protected]
Hummer, Todd Technology Ed. 10260 [email protected]
Hutzelman, Dale Social Studies 10128 [email protected]
Ivers, Susan Foriegn Language 10116 [email protected]
Kaluba, Tracey Foreign Language   [email protected]
Kessler, Jodi Art 10254 [email protected]
Kessler, Tim Science 10160 [email protected]
Kipfer, Sharon   10032 [email protected]
Klaserner, David Guidance (Hf-Mn) 10423 [email protected]
Klint, Karsten Social Studies 10122 [email protected]
Kollstedt, Brenda   10339 [email protected]
Kornau, Joe Mathematics 10204 [email protected]
Kornau, Tracey Physical Education 10452 [email protected]
Lamb, Nancy Foriegn Language 10214 [email protected]
Lallathin, Jim Special Education 10100 [email protected]
Laskowski, Lauren Health 10305 [email protected]
Latessa, Patricia Social Studies 10203 [email protected]
Luan-Miller, Pat Foriegn Language 10109 [email protected]
Lueking, Connie   10307 [email protected]
Lykins, Steve Mathematics 10230 [email protected]
Martin, Penny English 10101 [email protected]
McGuire, Melissa English 10351 [email protected]
McKlveen, Lynn Foreign Language 10319 [email protected]
Meeron, Brian Mathematics 10331 [email protected]
Merk, Charles Mathematics 10327 [email protected]
Meyer, Steve Science 10221 [email protected]
Mintkenbaugh, Tim SRO 10462 [email protected]
Mitchell, Drews Music 10157 [email protected]
Molen, Sunday Guidance (Mn-Se) 10415 [email protected]
Moody, Mark Science 10241 [email protected]
Mossman, Linda   10340 [email protected]
Mueller, Mike Social Studies 10102 [email protected]
Muia, Jan English 10222 [email protected]
Myers, Craig Science 10117 [email protected]
Nesbitt, Rich Vocational 10206 [email protected]
Nims, Tony Music 10053 [email protected]
Nicholas, Mike Special Education 10140 [email protected]
Noble, Llinda* Science 10239 [email protected]
O'Brien, Jackie Clinic Aide 10420 [email protected]
Osborne, Penny Guidance(A-Cq) 10416 [email protected]
Osterling, Emilly   10242 [email protected]
Ottaway, Belynda Business   [email protected]
Peck, Doreen Mathematics 10112 [email protected]
Peerless, Marcy   10306vm [email protected]
Pellisser, Michael Science 10353 [email protected]
Petro, Jeri Guidance 10418 [email protected]
Pilder, Nancy   10324 [email protected]
Phillips, Kelli Foreign Language 10104 [email protected]
Phillips, Paul Mathematics 10240 [email protected]
Ploscowe, Teri* Special Education 10132 [email protected]
Pottenger, Ed Social Studies 10138 [email protected]
Prebles, Cathy   10326 [email protected]
Ralph, Don Foriegn Language 10320 [email protected]
Reece, Vanessa   10213 [email protected]
Revelette, Vickie Speech Therapist 10108 [email protected]
Rice, Peter Social Studies 10259 [email protected]
Roberts, Ann Work and Family 10159 [email protected]
Roether, Nikki Athletic Trainer 10436 [email protected]
Rogers, Youlanda Bursar 10410 [email protected]
Sanford, Kim Secretary 10408 [email protected]
Sawyer, Tiffany Physical Education 10438 [email protected]
Schafer, Dina Diner 10428 [email protected]
Schafer, Tim Asst.Principal 10405 [email protected]
Schneider, Pat Office 10337 [email protected]
Shneider, Pat Work and Family 10158 [email protected]
Siemers, Jennifer Mathematics 10209 [email protected]
Skoog, Bryan Social Studies 10357 [email protected]
Smith, Derek* Social Studies 10210 [email protected]
Smith, Juli Special Education 10350vm [email protected]
Snyder, Greg Music 10056 [email protected]
Stuk, Megan Math 10332 [email protected]
Suman, Dennie Custodian 10115 [email protected]
Sussman, Lilly Foreign Language 10317 [email protected]
Tanis, Kim Theater 10152 [email protected]
Tapp, Jill Work and Family 10358 [email protected]
Taylor, Brenda Guidance (Sec.) 10413 [email protected]
Theater Info Theather 10431  
Thomas, Brent Science 10217 [email protected]
Thomas, Brooke Mathematics 10312 [email protected]
Thomas, Fred* Guidance (Sf-Z) 10414 [email protected]
Townsend, Cherita Special Education 10135 [email protected]
Treherne, Brett English 10103 [email protected]
Trujillo, Gwen Foriegn Language 10211 [email protected]
Wadl, Jeff Social Studies 10201 [email protected]
Walls, Toni Special Education 10134 [email protected]
Walter, Ginger Foriegn Language 10237 [email protected]
Waxman, Lynn English 10312 [email protected]
Weikert, Nate Art 10250 [email protected]
Weisberber, Gerry Asst. Prin.A.D. 10404 [email protected]
Wellbrock, Barb Secretary 10401 [email protected]
West General   30000  
West Attendance   30001  
Williams, Kathy Sec. 10409 [email protected]
Willliams, Pam English 10202 [email protected]
Wise, Neil Technology Ed. 10262 [email protected]
Wisser, Clay Science 10243 [email protected]
Wookroom Foriegn Language 10107  
Wookroom Social Studies 10207  
Wookroom Mathematics 10234  
Wookroom English 10225  
Wookroom Science 10219  
Wookroom Health 10125  
Wurst, Tim Social Studies 10216 [email protected]
Young, Patricia Art 10251 [email protected]
Zeigler, Pam Data Specialist 10412 [email protected]
Zugelter, Lori English 10137 [email protected]

The department heads appear in bold lettering with a (*) following his/her name.