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Financial Aid Pin Information

If you don't already have a U.S. Department of Education Personal Identification Number (PIN), apply for one now at If you're a dependent student, encourage your parents to apply for their own PINs.

With your PINs, you and your parent(s) can electronically sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The PIN simplifies the application process and allows you to get your results faster. The following are some other U.S. Department of education Web Sites where you can use your PIN:

  • View your Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA has been processed
  • Make corrections to your processed FAFSA
  • Print a copy of your SAR information
  • Reapply for financial aid in the future

DLENOTE.ED.GOV (Online Direct Loan Master Promissory Note)
  • Electronically complete and sign your loan promissory notes

WWW.DLSSONLINE.COM (Online Direct Loan Servicing)
  • Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
  • Get general information about your Direct Loan, including your account balance and payment history
  • Change your repayment plan and payment due date
  • Request a deferment or forbearance
  • Make your loan payment online
  • Complete Direct Loan Exit Counseling

WWW.LOANCONSOLIDATION.ED.GOV (Online Loan Consolidation)
  • Get information about consolidating your federal student loans

WWW.NSLDS.ED.GOV (National Student Loan Data System)
  • View information about federal loans and grants you have received