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Career Shadow Day

What is the Career Shadow Day Program?
Career Shadow Days program enables you, while a student, to explore a vocational area of high interest in or near our community. Career Shadow Days provides a quality opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors, to have a comprehensive learning experience that may influence your future career path.

How can I tell if this is right for me?

  • Do you have a thirst to know a lot more about a particular career?
  • Would you value an opportunity to be connected with an organization that will allow you to "shadow" what they do and answer your questions?
  • Would you be willing to visit on your days off?
  • Many situations require more than a one-day visit. Will you be willing to give two or three days scattered throughout the school year to learn about a specific career choice?
  • Can you arrange for transportation?

How will the Career Shadow Days program work?
The Rotary Club of West Chester will facilitate the process of connecting highly motivated students with a local business or community organization in your chosen area of vocational interest. As the organizations will be requested to provide a comprehensive learning experience for our local students, you in-turn will be expected to commit your self to the program, be willing to see it through to its conclusion and be willing to focus on applying yourself to gain the intended benefit.

How to get started?
Pick up an application from your Guidance Counselor. Know what vocational area you would be most interested in learning about. You must be willing to commit to giving the time to attend for two to three days. Visits will be scheduled during weekdays, and would be limited to student days off.

Take time in sharing your thoughtful comments when filling out your application. Return it to your Guidance Counselor. All applications will be reviewed by your counselor and by West Chester Rotary.

Once approved, you will be notified and will receive information about the organization that has agreed to have you as their guest and about details about the program. Your parents will need to sign a consent/waiver form. Additionally, you will receive a list of recommended questions from that organization to ask during your Career Shadow Day. The organization will be requested to provide specific areas of information to you about what it is like working in their field. The opportunities for advancement, compensation, and requirements essential to qualify for a career in their field will also be included.

What is required of me?
The guidance counselor and Rotary must feel you are sincerely interested in participating in this program, and will be willing to apply your energies and thoughts to see this program through.

You need to have at minimum a cumulative average grade score of 2.0.

You must present yourself to the organization in a professional manner, dressed appropriately and arrive a few minutes prior to their requested starting time on days of your visits.

You will be responsible for arranging your own transportation.

At all times you will adhere to the schedules provided by your host organization.

There will be a time to ask questions and much of your time will be spent shadowing, or just attentively listening.

Upon completion of each visit, you will write to your designated contact thanking them sincerely for their time. Also, you are to share with them some of the important things you've learned.

Upon completing your last scheduled visit, you will be requested to prepare an evaluation of your experience and submit it to your counselor and to the Rotary Club. The evaluation is intended for you to internalize what you've observed and the knowledge you have gained and then for you to ask yourself if your attributes are a good match to this career. In addition, your responses will assist our evaluation of the program and help us to improve the program in the future.

Contact Information
Rich Sears, chair
Phone: 513.322.5629, ext. 214
email: [email protected]
Fax: 513.322.5629

Students: Submit Applications
Fax: 513.322.5629
email: [email protected]