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Core Beliefs/Foundation Principles

— Education is empowering and provides choices.
— All students want to succeed.
— Students need to be active learners.
— All students bring different talents.
— Teaching and learning is more than curricular content.
— It’s not about me.
— Teaching is demanding, difficult and complex.
— Everyone has potential for genius only in different fields.
— Teachers are stakeholders in education.
— All students can learn but don’t know how to succeed.
— Teaching can not be taught.Learning is the key to schooling.All educators are good people.
— All students can succeed, they have different faces.

Additional Core Beliefs

— Without respect, we can not achieve a common goal.
— Professional respect among colleagues is vital to ensure positive working relationships.
— Colleagues should have an honest relationship in which collaboration is promoted.
— Students are more successful when we work as a team.
— We have a responsibility to promote a positive working environment.
— Colleagues should be supportive and trusting of one another.
— As professionals nothing we do in our classroom should make it harder for our colleagues to be successful in their classroom.
— We are better together than we are when acting as individuals.